All-in-one software for promotions and loyalty programs

Attract and retain customers with digital cards
Send offers via PUSH notifications, SMS, and email


Digital cards helping next-gen companies

Replace print by digital

Cards can't be lost or forgotten

Traditional printed cards are often forgotten, lost or damaged

Reminders and communication over Push, SMS & e-mail

Send timely reminders about ongoing promotions, exclusive offers, and updates.

Boost word of mouth with built-in referral sharing

Incentivize existing customers to recommend your business to others, expand your customer base through a trusted connection, while reducing customer acquisition costs.

Nothing to download, works with Apple and Google Wallet
Nothing to download, works with Apple and Google Wallet

No app download is needed, so customers can add cards in just a few seconds by scanning a QR code or using a link.

Track and control with Voltcard database

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your promotions and loyalty programs. Track usage, monitor customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategies.

Outperform traditional promotions

Due to their accessibility on smartphones, higher conversion rates and data-driven personalization, exceptional results are ensured

Promotion cards

Promotions are crucial for businesses to consistently allure fresh customers.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards incentivize customers to return and make recurring purchases.

Referal program

With the integrated referral system, your customers are rewarded when they talk about you.

Customer database

Keep a record of each customer’s contact information and visit history

Communicate with customers via built-in push notifications

Customers check their phones on average 200 times a day

You can send push messages to every cardholder or a specified segment. Write the message you want, and it will appear on your customer’s phone

Remind your customers to come back

Send automated push notifications after a certain amount of time, before/after their birthday, or when they’re within a specified distance of your business.

No extra cost, free & unlimited, anytime, anywhere

How it works for you

Create your card

Choose from our templates or create your own. Upload your logo and colors on card. Add promotion rules, your contact info and business locations.

Download created promo

The system will automatically create an A4 file in PDF format with the terms of use of your loyalty card, QR code and installation instructions

Promote your program

Print and advertise your promotion / loyalty program, on your premises and on the social network

Track the progress

Effortlessly track progress with Voltcard’s intuitive Analytics

Send push messages

Send enticing offers through PUSH messages, SMS, and email

your promotion

Social networks

Share your custom link with your clients to install your card on social networks and messengers.

Referral sharing

Your customers can share the card and receive bonuses from your company. Grow your customer base for free.


Create ads for a promotion to attract new clients

SMS (soon)

Import clients

You can upload a client base and issue digital cards within minutes.


Send SMS

Send all your clients a sms with a link to install their new card.


Card status

Control status of installed cards online through CRM.


Print and advertise your loyalty program on your premises and on the social network

How it works for your clients

Scan a QR code or use the custom link

Fill the form with contact details

The card is now installed without any download

Get new clients and improve retention

Attract new customers with promotion card

Regular promotions are essential for businesses to continuously attract new customers by creating a sense of urgency and offering enticing deals

Retain customers with loyalty card

By offering exclusive rewards or discounts, loyalty cards encourage customers to come back and make repeat purchases

From promotion to loyalty automatically

After its initial use, the digital promotion card can transform into a loyalty card.

Work with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet
Work with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

No app download is needed, so customers can add cards in just a few seconds by scanning a QR code or using a link.

Quick and easy

Due to the ease of installation, our loyalty cards have 25-30% higher adoption compared to other programs

Print your program

The system will automatically create an A4 file in PDF format with the terms of use of your loyalty card, QR code and installation instructions that you can display in your shop

Client Database

Know your customers

Keep track of customer data by retaining a record of each customer’s contact information and visit history

Market segmentation

Segment your customer list and find your ideal customers for further communication

Increase your business value

A customer database shows the existing customer base along with their purchase history and future revenue potential. This makes the business more attractive, and increases its valuation if you are considering selling your business one day.

Improve conversion

Get new clients with digital coupons

We help you attract customers from advertising and direct them to your business automatically.

Stimulate repeated purchases

Increase the number of repeat customers using digital promotions

We help you keep the customers you’ve attracted and turn them into regulars with our automated system.

Why Voltcard?

Combining the benefits

Get new clients and improve retention

  • Create digital promotions
  • Launch a loyalty program
  • Launch a referral programs

Boost revenue

  • Raise the average check
  • Increase visit frequency
  • Reduce printing and advertising expenses

Connect with your clients

  • Communicate with PUSH, SMS & e-mail
  • Remind your customers to come back
  • Control your client satisfaction

Analyze, manage and control

  • Digital customer database
  • Segmenting
  • Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile push notification ?

Push notifications are a new way to reach and engage your customers. These little alerts appear to your customers’ smartphone lock screen.

Is Voltcard multilingual ?

Yes. Currently, we support 28 languages:

  • Arab
  • Brasileiro
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • English
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Kazakh
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Nederlands
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Turkish

If you want us to add a new language, contact us by chat.

What our users says

Melissa Hart

Melissa Hart

@melissahart · 8 Feb

Voltcard push messages has allowed us to reduce unsold merchandise in our café by 30%

Wade Warren

Wade Warren

@wadewarren · 10 Jan

We offered a 40% discount on the first cleaning service to new customers. Many of those who took advantage of the promotion have become our regulars.

James Robert

James Robert

@jamesrobert · 10 Jan

We manage to fill the off-peak hours of our spa by sending special offers by push notification, and customers return more regularly thanks to the loyalty program

Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones

@jacobbb · 3 Feb

Cashback cards help us keep our customers and increase revenue by giving them money back when they make a purchase.

Julia Arthur

Julia Arthur

@juliaaaa · 3 Feb

Thanks to our discount and automatic push messages, we increased the number of guests at lunchtime, when it was usually rather empty.

Robert Fox

Robert Fox

@robertfox · 10 Jan

We offered discounted massages for the first few months, and every tenth massage was free. This promotion increased revenue by $11,000 in the first three months.

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